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Welcome to della bella Acne & Skin Care Center, LLC

della bella Acne & Skin Care Center is owned by NCEA certified Licensed Aesthetician Elizabeth Pasko, and specializes in both the treatment of acne and restoring vibrancy to aging skin.

We use and retail professional-only skincare product lines;
FACE REALITY Acne Care, PCA, IMAGE, and our own skin-friendly, Della Bella TM Mineral Makeup.

Skin types and conditions vary greatly,  so some acne types and conditions can get noticeable results in just several days and get clear in just a couple of weeks, however we usually expect 3 to 4 months to get acne skin clear.

We first analyze your skin to ascertain your skin type and specific kind of acne you have.  Some serums will be tested  for skin sensitivity, and decisions will be made on the best course of action for your skin care, treatments, and  give you the approximated time it may take to get your skin clear.

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Phone: 503.954.1249

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